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Give the gift of hope

Unlike the Western World, adoption is not usual in Kenya; children who are sent to orphanages remain there until adulthood, never knowing a real home or a real family. Our goal is to provide these children with a non-institutional, safe, secure and nurturing environment so that they may grow up feeling as though they are a part of a loving family.

Building a community

Global Strides is an international charity striving towards a better global future by investing in our youth. We are a group of like-minded professionals in the Greater Toronto Area, raising funds in order to help the growth and sustainability of an orphanage in Kianyaga, Kenya. And helping them build a better life and a more promising future.

A sense of family

The Peaceful Home for Children orphanage is run as a family structure. Currently there are two houses, each home to eight children – a mixture of boys and girls of different ages, with a mother.

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5th Annual Hearts Beyond Borders

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Our Vision: “Break the cycle of poverty for children, both locally and abroad.”

Our Mission: “…to feed the mind, body and soul of children to allow them to reach their full potential as contributing members of society.”

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How to get involved

There are many ways to get involved, including monthly donations, fundraising, volunteering and campaigning. Your support will help transform the lives of these children. Click here to find out more.

Who is involved

Global Strides consists of a group of like minded professionals who are committed to helping build a better life and promising future for youth at home and abroad.