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The Peaceful Children’s Home was established in 2007 in Kianyaga near Mt. Kenya. The private institution is run and funded under the umbrella of the Angels of Hope Foundation. The home is run by Joe Njogo, who operates as the Director, and his wife Agnes, the Manager and Matron in charge. Mr and Mrs. Njogo have been looking after orphans for the past 20 years, treating each child with love and dedication, raising the children as if they were their own.

Global Strides is an international charity striving towards a better global future by investing in our youth. We work domestically to raise funds in order to help the growth and sustainability of an orphanage in Kianyaga, Kenya. Unlike the Western World, adoption is not usual in Kenya; children who are sent to orphanages remain there until adulthood, never knowing a real home or a real family. Our goal is to provide these children with a non-institutional, safe, secure and nurturing environment so that they may grow up feeling as though they are a part of a loving family.

The orphanage is run as a family structure, currently there are two houses, each home to 8 children, a mixture of both boys and girls of different ages, with a mother. Living in their own home surrounded by other children and having a “mother” will give these children the sense of being in a family.

By living in the Home, the children are not only offered a safe and nurturing childhood but also an education. A child cannot attend school in Kenya without a uniform, which means many children go uneducated as their families cannot afford the cost. Each child within the Peaceful Children’s Home will be given a uniform, solidifying their future as an educated individual and thus opening up the world of possibilities once they become adults. The Home offers these children a life they could only dream of, one full of hope, love and a future.

The first house was completed in March 2008 and the second in May 2010. More recently the Director’s living quarters and guest rooms were built and are now in use. The kitchen and recreational hall were completed in 2013 and greenhouses have been built on a new plot of land, a short distance from the Home. The greenhouses will not only serve as a means for those in the home to have fresh produce but also to offer for sale, the profits of which go towards the up-keep of the Home.

With plans for future expansion to accommodate 40 children, the home presently provides all basic necessities for the 14 orphaned children who are resident in the home’s nurturing environment. With the help of generous donations The Peaceful Children’s Home will continue to provide a loving atmosphere for orphaned children and will hopefully be able to spread that love to even more children for many years to come.

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